Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Wedding!!!

My Son-in law said he was coming up to the states to attend a conference in Wisconsin this weekend. My daughter Carrie said, I 'm going along and visit my Mom!! Jey hopped in the car too! Sofia and the kids stayed down there!

My other grandson John said, Ale and I are coming, too and then we can get married in the states! And they did, on the 23rd!! Our family will have a reception for them while they are up here. The big church wedding will be held in Mexico next month.

Kelly took everyone over to the Swope park and took these pictures, yesterday.

John & Ale

My other grandson Brandon and his wife Ale were not able to come up at this time. Yes, I now have two grand-daughters named Ale!!
Karen has walking pneumonia and has been off work for several days. She went to work today. Nancy has not been feeling very good so please pray for her, too.


Melli said...

What an absolutely DARLING couple! They are just TOO CUTE!!! Congratulations to THEM - and to the family! Two Ales, huh? That's pretty amazing!

My prayers for your girls! Hope they are well soon!

Denise said...

Such a precious couple, I love the pictures. I am praying for Nancy, and Karen. I love you.

Cindi said...

cute couple...whats the odds 2 Ale's...prays for Nancy & Karen!

Hootin' Anni said...

Awwwwwwww, Carolyn. What a lovely couple. And may I say fantastic photos!!!

Congrats to the couple. May their marriage be forever happy.

PEA said...

Oh what a beautiful couple they make! Congratulations to them and I do wish them all the very best life has to offer:-) How wonderful of your family to be having a reception for them while they're up your way. Will you be able to attend it? Love the pictures Kelly took of them!!

My prayers are being said for Karen and Nancy, I do hope they both feel much better real soon!! Love you! xoxo