Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oops! I clicked when I should not have!!

We did have a great time this weekend at Santa Cali Gon Days! One of my comments on my last post by our friend Linda said, "I can NOT believe the "Kelly getting LOST" story didn't make the Santa Cali Gon history!!! That was another "special memory" from that festival! Whew - we're sure glad she got found!!! I also hope you "dedicated" some of that kettle corn y'all ate to me! I haven't had kettle corn in about two years. I LOVE it - so luscious!

Yes, it is true we lost Kelly, for a few minutes when she was around 3 years old! I had her hand in mine and let go for one minute and she was gone and all around us were hundreds of strangers!!Talk about panic!! We started yelling "Kelly " "Kelly" at the top of our lungs!! I think it was Karen who found her not to far from us and relief swept over us and we were so Thankful!! I think I got a stroller for her and we use that for the next few years!

But when Kelly was 16, Karen had got a bunch of stuff and asked her to take it to the car and she couldn't find it! Well!!! For a while we didn't think to much of it but has the minutes turned in to like 30 minutes and then longer, we started to think OH MY GOODNESS! Is Kelly lost again!! or worse! She didn't come and Karen said," I am going looking for her Mom" and then we saw her coming down the street! So we always say, Now Kelly don't get lost! She just gives us a dirty look, nowadays!! Oh yes, we did have kettle corn!! We did say I bet Linda would love some of this!!!

I was out messing with my blog!! Oops!! I hit the wrong key I think ! Or I didn't read it very close where it said colors will disappear if you click this button!! So instead of a nice blue blog I have white one and I am to afraid to click any more buttons until Karen can take a look, and do some damage control!!!

The true friends who we meet online
Are a very special kind ...
They pierce your shields and see within
The corners of your mind.

They're always there when you're in need
With their power to discern;
They feel your pain, they offer hope
And genuine concern.

We bare our souls, expose our hearts,
And show our inner fears;
And then before you know it ...
The keyboard's stained with tears.

And if we could see them through that screen,
Then no one could deny ...
That to be a TRUE online friend,
They too must surely cry.
~ Author Unknown ~

Thanks again, Denise for sending this to me! I do love all my online friends!


Love Bears All Things said...

I thought your blog had a new look. So glad to hear you all went and had a good time.
Mama Bear

Melli said...

YOU are tooooooo funny! LOL! Ooooops! Kaaaaren!? hehehe... Well, this was a great post anyway! I'm betting Kelly doesn't get lost anymore! Our county fair is coming the end of the month... now you've got ME thinkin' about Kettle Corn!

PEA said...

And we love you:-) Oh dear, I know what you mean about the panicky feeling when your child gets lost...happened to me as well when Shawn was 2 years old. We were at the mall and I had turned around to get my bags out of the cart at Woolco and when I turned back, he was gone. I practically ran up and down the huge mall, calling his name, tons of people walking around not having seen a little boy. I finally saw two older ladies holding him by the hands...they said he had been at the doors to go outside in the parking lot. Thank God nobody let him out!! That was the worst 20 minutes of my life.

So glad you all had such a wonderful time at the festival and even had your kettle corn:-) I tasted it for the first time a couple of years ago and liked it. Glad Kelly didn't get lost again! lol xoxo

Donna said...

White is OK.

Denise said...

I hope you get your blog fixed sweetie. I love you bunches.

Mary said...


Read your comment on my blog. It really doesn't look bad with the white background but I'm sure Karen will get it fixed without any problem.

Glad you all had a good time. I know what it's like to lose sight of a child. Michelle and Jordan have both been lost. Panic certainly does set in. Glad Kelly was found.

Enjoyed the poem. Have a great day, my friend.

Barbara H. said...

I have no idea how to do color. But I think it looks nice.

LOL about Kelly!

Love the poem at the bottom.

Denise said...

Your blog looks fine but if you would like to add a pretty background let me know and I will help if you need it....... Thanks for the sweet words on my Samaritan Women Blog........ Sometimes with life as hectic as it is that I am empty and nothing to give out but then the Holy Spirit brings such peace to me and I have to write.. I hope to do more .........

Love ya

Nezzy said...

My son would hide inside the clothes racks in stores and not answer. This Ozarks farm chick would panic every time.

No fears, I'm new at this bloggin' thing and I'm always clicking where I'm not suppose can undone.

I enjoyed my visit on your blog. Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!

Linda said...

Call off the dogs - Nancy's gift to me arrived in the mail!!! Tell her I took it to the office and have it as the keychain for the mailkey! It's fantastic!

Love ya heeps -
Your Favorite!

Hootin' Anni said...

Love the oopses. You crack me up. I like the white easy on the eyes.

And about all the 'lost' times, that's a hoot! I can imagine the look she gives you when you tell her "Now, don't get lost!"

How are you dear Carolyn? I sure hope you're doing well. It was a nice day the day you came by to post a comment while visiting with me. You take care now...and do drop by again when you can.

Sharon said...

stopped by via Ms Pea.
I truly did enjoy reading your blog.
I remember losing our granddaughter at a Easter Egg Hunt.I happened like you she was hanging on and then we got pushed and she was gone in the crowd. My heart stopped and I am running around like a nut.
She was 3yrs and she is now 16 also.
Thanks for sharing.

Sandi said...

you made me laugh. That is what people say to husband to this day.
"don't get lost". He was lost or left behind on purpose when he was little. Yes there are not so good parents that do leave kids behind on purpose.