Friday, May 23, 2008

Have a safe and nice Memorial Day Weekend!

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I hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend!! Kelly,Nancy, and I went out to the Cemetery this afternoon. I wanted to decorate my Mother and Daddy's grave. Nancy had found a flag to put on their grave and was very happy about this.

The funeral home was holding a grave side service near their graves . So we turned around and came home. We will have to finished this later! My Dad passed away in 1962 and my Mom in 1992. Some time over the weekend we will go up to Independence to the other cemetery where the kids Grandparents on their Dad's side are buried.

After my Dad passed away we always took my Mom out to the cemetery every year up until the year she went home to be with the Lord. I have pictures of Kelly when she was really little like about 2 years old sitting on the edge of the grave and Mom bending down and putting the flowers around the grave! It is such a sweet picture!

I hope you all have a safe and pleasant Memorial Day weekend! Next week is the time for the new great grand son to be born! So I will be writing about this I am sure!!

I can't stop until I say Thank You to all the Service Men who have sacrificed so much for us down though the years.


Mary said...


Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. I have been in the US on Memorial Day and the graves are always so nicely decorated.

Take care and thanks for the beautiful post and tribute to the military.


Denise said...

Enjoy your holiday weekend, I love you.

Glo said...

Mike and I say thanks for the nice tribute to our military. Hope the rest of the week end goes well for you.
I still tired from all my travels.

Love & {{Hugs}}

Denise said...

Beautiful post...... We must all be thankful for the freedom that we have and continue to have........ I remember......

Hootin' Anni said...

Carolyn....what a beautiful picture you've made for us in our minds...the child perched on the gravesite, while your mom pays her love and respect for her own. That was wonderful, and quite tearful at the same time.

I'm with you all the way...I thank the people who keep us free with sacrificing their lives for us daily!!

You're a dear lady! Let me know when you write about the birth okay?

Hope you're having a glorious and peaceful long weekend holiday my friend.

Linda said...

What a lovely Memorial Day post. We are all so blessed to have the service men and women fighting for our freedom. Hope you are enjoying your day.

PEA said...

Happy Memorial Day to you and yours, dear Carolyn. We don't celebrate it here in Canada but I know what an important holiday it is to my American friends:-) Our day to remember those who fought for us is in November, Remembrance Day.

Carolyn, thank you so much for your loving and caring support, I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends here in the blog world!! It really does make up for the few who have no compassion at all!

I do hope you have all been enjoying a terrific weekend! xoxo

Glo said...

Praying all goes well with Nancy tomorrow.
If you tell me not to worry about the space between the pics..........what a bout fourty miles of space between pic and comment.Hee Hee go see....Oh I so old.

BIG {{Hugs}}

Love Bears All Things said...

We always went to the cemetary on the days that the churches held Decoration day. Where my parents and Daddy's parents are buried it is the 3rd Sunday in May. Jim's parents are buried at a church where Decoration Day is the 2nd Sunday in May. We used to go by there and put flowers on his Mom's grave. Now that we live so far away, we can't attend these events. I go by Mother and Daddy's graves when I visit my sister. I was there in April and bought flowers for her to put on there the 3rd Sunday. She sent me pictures online of all the flowers that had been put there.
Mama BEar