Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two fun meme's on Tuesday!

Your Noble British Name Is:
Lady Guinevere Sophia Ironside

You Are a Sweet Person
When it comes to snacks, you're more likely to grab some candy than heat up a pizza.

There's a good chance you're female (women prefer sweet snacks)...
Or at least, you prefer to be in the company of women.

Your tastes are simple and predictable. You are young at heart.
You tend to crave food you can just grab and eat.
Are You Sweet or Salty? Grams says "You Think!!!" One of my down falls is liking sweets way to much!!!

Here is a couple of fun meme I found at Blogthings!

It is a beautiful day with a blue sky and a few clouds and not to hot, just right! I love it!! Thanks for all your prayers for Nancy. I don't know when they will get all the consulting finished and be able to know when then can work on her. She is worried about this so I need you all to pray for peace about this for her!! Thanks!!

I am enjoying my new Bible! In fact I want to finish up here and dig in and get some studying done!!


Barbara H. said...

Well, according to my British name, we're related, with the same last name. :) I go back and forth between sweet and salty snacks. I hope Nancy can get some relief soon! I know it is frustrating to have to wait.

Hootin' Anni said...

It says I'm salty...which I knew already. LOL

BUT!! It also states that I'm more than likely a man. No such luck...men have it sooooo easy. LOLOLOL

When it comes to snacks, you're more likely to grab a bag of chips over a bag of cookies.

There's a good chance you're male (men prefer salty snacks)...
Or at least, you feel very comfortable in male dominated environments.

Your taste tends to be complex, sophisticated, and adult.
You tend to crave your favorite restaurant meal... or mom's cooking.


Hi Grams....I knew without even reading this quiz that you're SWEET!!!!

Melli said...

Mine said the same as yours - but it's wrong! I would MUCH rather heat up a pizza than have candy!

I'd also be digging into that Bible! I was blessed with 3 hours to lay in bed and read/pray/sleep this afternoon! It was GLORIOUS!!! I have missed naps sO much since Mom came here!

PEA said...

Hello dear Carolyn,

I'm back from my trip and now trying to visit all my favourite people:-)

My British noble name is: Lady Doreen Beryl Beresford. Now that's quite a mouthful! lol

And it seems that I'm salty! lol I've got a sweet tooth but then my favourite snack is popcorn with loads of salt and butter.

I'm so sorry to hear that Nancy is going through such a rough time with her teeth. I do hope the doctors can decide what to do soon!! My prayers are with her!! xoxo

Denise said...

I am really praying for Nancy, may God give her a deep peace in her heart. I am glad you are enjoying your new Bible. I love you.

Mary said...


I know you are sweet, just as Anni does. LOL The quiz says that I too am sweet, but I have to be careful of eating anything sweet. However, if I had my druthers, I would love to have a good dark chocolate candy or two right now. LOL We don't keep anything like that in the house because it is too tempting.

Thanks for posting these fun quizzes. I always enjoy doing them.

I continue to pray for Nancy. Please tell her I said the angels are watching over her, as I have been praying for them to comfort her.

Blessings and love,

Regina said...

It says, I'm sweet (Yea, they don't know about my other side)!!
The Noble name one was really weird because it said my name is:
Your Noble British Name Is:
Lady Flora Phillippa Spencer.
I found that strange because my maiden name is Spencer!! How freaky is that?!?
Anyway have a great night, I'm praying for you and yours!

mommaof3 said...

i love these little blog quizzes

Denise said...

Well I am salty!!!!!! I will heat up a piece of pizza instead of the candy!!!! maybe that is w hy I need to loose 40 more lbs..... I have lost 12 and need to stay with it...... but then I am going to have a piece of PIZZA!!!!!

Melanie said...

I haven't seen you around in a while and I sure miss you! I had to read back and see what you've been up to.

I'm going to definitely keep Nancy in my prayers! And you too, of course.

Love Bears All Things said...

Hello, I hope you and Nancy are doing alright. I know we have to take care of ourselves. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. We're not in a hurry and like to take the unbeaten path when we travel. We like to enjoy the scenery and can't do that on the major highways. We always pack our picnic to eat lunch from and only eat out at dinner. That cuts some of the expense. Our breakfasts are of course part of our lodging. We are planning to canoe again. I hope it isn't too hot or the mosquitoes too bad.

I hope you have a great weekend.
Mama Bear

Mel's Mom said...

Prayers for Nancy and "congratulations" on the beautiful day =)

Flip Flop Floozie said...

What a lovely LONG English name that they gave you!
I am at work now. Daisy and Mr. Wonderful left this morning. We had a great week. Sorry that it went so quickly...boo hoo.