Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday's were bath time when I was little!


Jey, Sofi, Valerie, Kevin and Baby Marcello

Aunt Kelly, Kevin, and Marcello

Grams and Great-Grandson Marcello
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Here it is Saturday again!! When I saw this adorable icon it made me think of when I was a little girl and we had a bath once a week on Saturday nights!!! Yes, Grams is that old!! I know we did take sponge baths during the week!

Back in the 50's our neighbors had a bunch of kids and had a big wash tub. They heated the water and then each one of the kids took turns taking a bath!! Once a week on Saturday night!

By this time my folks had a real bathroom and it had a real tub in the bathroom! Oh that was so nice!!

But back in the 1940's when I was a little girl we didn't have a bath room and we had an outhouse! And sure enough we did use the old sears catalog for toilet paper!!!

After I was married one farm house that we lived in didn't have a bathroom either!! We had an outhouse! In the winter we had a chamber pot that had to be emptied every morning!! UGH!! This was in the early 60's! I was so happy when we moved back into town after living out there on a house back from the main road on a lane!! It turned out to be one of the record snow years we have had in Jackson County!! So of course we were snowed in a lot and stuck in the ditch over and over!! I don't think we good snow tires like we have now!

The new baby comes home today! On Thursday when we went tearing up there to see him we didn't take our camera with us! No kidding!! But someone else took a picture of me holding baby Marcello! I am so happy for that! As soon as they send the E-mail with this picture I will post it!!!


Denise said...

I love reading stories about your life, makes me smile. I cannot wait to see the picture of you holding the baby. I love you.

Mary said...


We didn't have an indoor bathroom either. We usually had toilet tissue but once in a while we had to use an old catalogue. We had our choice of Sears or Eatons. LOL

I remember when my Aunt May got married, she and her husband rented an apartment with an indoor bathroom. I was in heaven when she invited me to have a bath at her house.

We had sponge baths during the week and baths on Saturday night in order to be sparkling clean for Sunday School. Those were the days. And yes, I too have emptied chamber pots. Not the nicest task in the world. LOL

Take care. I hope the new baby and mother are doing great.


Donna said...

Look at all the hair on that baby's head!

We didn't have indoor plumbing until we moved to Kansas City in the mid-50's. I remember the Saturday night bath quite well.

Denise said...

Marcello is so cute, I can see how happy and proud you are. Thanks for sharing this precious blessing from heaven. I love you.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

What a proud Great Grandmama!! Wonderful pictures..if being a great grand mother is as special as being a grandmother then I will love it too. I dont want my grands to get married first!!
WE had an outhouse, chamber pots, sears toliet paper and all. I always tell people that i got married to have a real inside bathroom. i remember being so happy. We also took baths once a week on Saturday night. Wonder why Saturday night? Hm!! We had a collaspable rubber type bathtub. Mother would pull it up to the kitchen faucet and fill it up. I always hated to have to do
Congrats again. Sandy

Melli said...

Ohhhhh honestly! If you don't just look proud as a peacock! And who can blame ya?! That is great! Love the picture of Kelly too! Isn't it cool how whole FAMILIES are allowed in to visit the new little one now? MAN! I can remember my sisters having my nieces and nephews and me being "too little" to go visit! (and I was 8 or 9!!!) I'm so glad they've changed all those silly old rules!

My MIL remembers (of all things) taking a bath ONCE a week too! And she would LOVE it if I would let her get away with that now!!! LOL!

Mary said...

Oh, Grams, he is adorable. Thank you so much for posting these photos. The entire family is beautiful. You must be so proud. Congratulations!


Nonna said...

What a beautiful great grandson!!
I remember when I was a little girl and I would spend the night with my grandmother-they only had a bathroom on the back porch, so at night she would bring these white pots and set by the beds for us to use. I also remember her heating water and putting in a galvenized tub for me and my brothers to take a bath in when we came to visit in the summer.We thought that was fun! haha

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, Carolyn, my heart melts!!! He is so precious. And I love your smile as you hold the wee one. Precious, oh so precious.

Glo said...

Precious gift from God. Love babies.
Thanks for the blast from the past...Oh yes this old lady remembers outhouses too

Loretta said...

Beautiful baby and a lovely family. You look so proud! I confess, I remember the Sat nite bath to. We pumped the water for a round galvenized tub and set it in the sun to warm. We were clean for church at least. I also remember outhouses with Sears. I didn't have a inside bathroom untill I got married.
Take care,

Cindy Swanson said...

What a precious baby! Congratulations!

Love Bears All Things said...

He is beautiful with his dark hair and very alert with his eyes wide open.
I remember bathing in the washtub. One house we rented only had a shower and I hated it.
My grandparents had the outhouse, chamber pot when I was young so I've been there and done that.
Mama Bear

Linda said...

You have such a lovely family. You look so proud holding Marcello.

Congratulations to all!