Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday's Feast

Feast One Hundred & Fifty Six
August 17th, 2007 Category: The Feasts, 2007

Describe your laundry routine. Do you have a certain day when you do it all, or do you just wash whatever you need for the next day?

Since I hurt myself and I can't get up and down the stairs very easy, Kelly does the laundry!! Never fear Grams has done her share of laundry over the years!! I almost wrote a book about doing laundry in the early 60's over on Julie's comments one day!!
We lived on a farm and I had to hand pump the water, heat the water, wringer type washer, hang the clothes outdoors to dry, and bring them in you get the idea. It was 1968 before I had my first automatic washer and dryer! Sometimes I was able to go the laundry mat and boy oh boy did I love that!!!

In your opinion, what age will you be when you’ll consider yourself to truly be old?

In my mind I feel like I am still young!! Having a baby at 40 does that for you!
My body sometimes makes me feel old, some days!! But my family tells me I have to live to be 92!! So when I am 92 I guess I will be old!!!

What is one of your goals? Is it short-term, long-term, or both?

To be able to walk without pain!!

Main Course
Name something unbelievable you’ve seen or read lately.

Elvis's 30 year anniversay of his death! But you know what Nancy loves Elvis and in a couple of week we are going down through TN and will stop and let her see his house.
We can't let her get in big crowds because of her immune system and all the very strong meds she takes for her lupus! But she will really enjoy whatever we do there!!

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how happy are you today?

I am happy most of the time! I try to let God's love flow through me to other people including my family!! If you are kind to others and do for them you find your self Happy!! Sometimes all this new stuff about Me Me Me just makes me crazy!!
I am Not talking about taking care of your self and losing weight and that sort of thing!
I mean being selfish and wanting your way etc. You are never going to be happy being that way! Ok, I digress again! I think I am a 9 or 10!!


Lazy Daisy said...

You are definitely a 10 to me Grams...come on by and wish happy birthday to my Suzy.

Linda said...

Wish I could hang laundry outside because I love that smell. And WOW, 1968 when you got an automatic washer.

You always seem to be a 10 to me. Have a blessed weekend.

Melanie said...

Oh boy do I love my washer and dryer! I can't imagine having to do it the way you used to!!

Comedy + said...

Loved your dessert the best. Right on the money. Second is your appetizer. I too remember this routine. Have a great FF. :)

Melli said...

Ohhhhh gosh! My mom had an old wringer washer too -- And she had it through two singles, and then twins - in, of course, CLOTH diapers! She got the first automatic one when child #6 came along ... that was in 1952... Oh yes! She used to tell THOSE stories! As a matter of fact, when MY twins came along (and I used cloth diapers too) it really gave me a FINE appreciation for the work load my mother carried all those years! And I, of course, HAD automatic washer AND dryer! (my mother had no dryer...)

GREAT post today Grams! Glad you're so happy!!! :)

Sarge Charlie said...

Well now grams, the old sarge wants to thank you for stopping by his place, next time you come maybe we can sit on the porch and sip a glass of iced tea, y'all come, ye hear now.

oh, by the way, we did not have water in the house till the late 50's and there was no hot water. I remember toting buckets of water for my mama to was in a wringer washer, we call those the good old

Donetta said...

Hay Sweet Heart, Good day to you. Dash as been great every day after the first morning. He is even ready to walk in when I drop them off. This morning he was ready to stay home but with the encouragement of tomorrow being Saturday and a family date night tonight he was fine. He is very sweet and helpful in the mornings, Dove got a good 20 minutes of cuddle this morning Dash got my time yesterday . I have to better at splitting myself in two :) HA!
Thanks for asking and I think rightly , Praying for him. It has truly been an easy transition for both children. I have has a lot less stress. It is always a good thing to have the stress reduce. I have to work on the IEP for the special needs stuff. Next week I just needed to let the teacher get to know them and see how they are doing. Dash's teacher is so impressed that he is reading lip and that "he is SO KIND" said she. Just warms a mothers heart. and Daddy's too.

the night owl said...

To this day, my mom at 85 years old likes to hand wash her clothes.She says they hold up better than being torn up in a washer.She takes her towels and sheets to a laundromat every 2- or 3 weeks.She says my machine is too small and will not use mine.I have never taken after my mom with this practice... I have seen Elvis's house...enjoy. Baba

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Your answer about age is pretty much like mine. I guess we have decided this is the way it is...just a number. Also about being happy we are about the same there too. I try to be happy all of the time. i think as Christians we should be..Have a great weekend..
blessings, SAndy

Julie said...

I like Elvis too:) Was pretty much raised on his music(ask my mom:)
I too am happy most of the time,just a rough week as you know. Everyone is doing better. Katie was at school this week so that is good. Just still keep them in your prayers as the visitation and funeral are Sunday and Monday.

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

I love happy people... but really I love them all...

you are so precious...

Oh, my husband does our laundry.. so I really really LOVEEEEE

but I remember having to hang those clothes up on a clothes line... my daughter laughs.. she didn't know such a thing existed... but then, it would probably bring her nail.. LOL

Gattina said...

If you go to Graceland I had just done the TT on it ! It's worthwhile to see it once, for me it was disappointing.