Monday, August 13, 2007

Valerie's Birthday Party!!

Great Grandma Carolyn and Kevin


The Cake

The Birthday Party for Valerie was yesterday!! I have left some comments about the party at different blogs. The main one being the AC was not working where the party was held!! It was 100 degrees outside and it was almost that hot inside!! Whew!! But we did have a wonderful time!! The little 2 years olds didn't even notice the heat!

Tomorrow is our day to go over to KU again for Nancy's follow up for her chemo. Karen is working from home so we can take her truck! The ac in our car can't get the job done. It is suppose to be 102 tomorrow!!

My granddaughter Sarah had 4 wisdom teeth taken out this morning so she feels really bad right now!! Next week she starts her student teaching right here where I live! We all were so thrilled when she got the call that she could student teach in our home town!!


Quem sou eu? said...

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Donetta said...

Oh your so beautiful holding her. Oh the hospital will be cool, the positive. I hope Nancy fairs the treatment well Honey. I know it must be heart breaking to watch and stand with her. I will stand with you in intercession. Thank you for doing so with me with my Son today. Your a beautiful woman. Shine

the night owl said...

Hi Carolyn, The birthday pictures are great. valerie and Kevin are cuties.I would have loved being there and rocking Kevin.I would not have liked the heat inside...Wishing you and Nancy a safe trip. Baba

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Great Grandmother WOW!! What a precious baby and such a nice picture!! I have been gone and now am trying to catch up with everyone's blogs...There is a lot of catching up to do..Congrats on your NICE AWARD which of course you completely deserve...Sandy

Julie said...

What a sweet photo of you and your grandson. Love the one of Valerie too. Such a cutie!!
Cute cake too. Are those Fischer Price animals??? Cute idea for a cake.
Sorry it is still so warm there. We are suppose to get a break from the heat this week. It was still hot today though.
Hope your granddaughter is feeling better. Been there b4 and its NOT fun at all.

Melanie said...

What beautiful pictures! Your grandchildren are just adorable.

Cindy Swanson said...

What adorable kids! Thanks for sharing.

Lazy Daisy said...

Awww...what cuties. I bet it was a great time despite the heat. Gottcha all prayed up for the day. Hope all goes well. are NICE!

Debbie said...

So precious! I love being a grammy.

Blessings to you!

Hootin'Anni said...

Oh wow....I remember my sister student teaching at one of our local high schools!! [and my niece at the time was IN that school....she was embarrassed. LOL] But, what a great profession. I of course think that teachers are so underpaid these days....but anyone who wants to teach has my vote!!!

Love the birthday party photos!! But, ewwwwww, no air conditioning with those temps?!! Hope y'all had plenty to drink. Kevin is adorable. And hope Nancy is okay after the treatment.

Happy Tuesday dear lady.

Linda said...

You have beautiful grandchildren, oh, I should say great grandchildren. My daughter got a late start so my grandchildren are the ages of your great ones. Have a safe trip to KU and try to stay cool. Be sure to carry your water bottles.

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

Grams.. that is the sweetest thing ever..

makes me want to cry with joy

love you

Oldqueen44 said...

Great pictures. Hope the follow up went well.

Cindi said...

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