Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another nice award!

Anni at Hootin'Anni has given me a lovely award! She thinks my blog is a treasure!! Thank you so much Anni! You are the treasure!!

We made it just fine down to Sarah's graduation party!! It was a snowy cold day but all our hearts were warmed by the fun and fellowship of friends and relatives!!

I have a great picture of all of us together in the stable that will be in the Children's Christmas program tomorrow morning. We had a lot of fun sitting on the hay getting our picture taken.

One of our friends went to the graduation yesterday and he filmed a video of Sarah graduating. We all gather together and watched it and this was so great for Nancy and me!! We had not been able to be there so how kind of him to do this!!

I gave Sarah a memory book by Thomas Kincaid of a Grandmother's memories of her life and of her grand daughter! I gave it to her the first time when she graduated from High School! I didn't have it finished at that time and I told her I would have it done when she graduated from College! Praise God I did have it done and wrapped it up and gave it to her today!! She called me and Thanked me and told me how much she loved it and that sure blessed me!! I am so proud of you Sarah!!

In the front row:
Becky, Sarah, Jake, and Cheryl

In the back row:
Kelly, Grams, Bill, Karen, and Nancy

We had strawberry punch and one of their good friends made a beautiful strawberry cake!! The snow kept coming down!! We left and out side a small town near them the roads got a lot worse!! By the time we got closer to a larger town the snowplows had been though and it got a lot better. We made it home just fine!!


Denise said...

Congrats on your award sweetie. I am very glad that you made it safely to Sarahs party, sounds like you had a wonderful time. The keepsake book you gave to Sarah was such a precious gift to give. I love the picture of you all, thanks for sharing. I love you.

Hootin' Anni said...

That is just so wonderful. I loved reading this. And you know what...well, let me tellya ---a little bitty tear rolled down my cheek as I read the part about the memory book! How awesome is that. I do hope she'll hang on to that wonderful keepsake you made her.

[Our daughter, living in Missouri says it's snowing a lot!!!]

Hope said...

Oh, Gram, such a nice family group you have and the gift you gave Sarah was a treasure. How I would love to have a keepsake like that from my Mammy. I know that she loved me, but to have her thoughts on paper..priceles!! I know Sarah will treasure it.

Hope said...

Gram, I forgot to say, Congrats on your award and I second the motion!! Your blog really is a treasure to me too and so are you!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

What a great picture!! I really like that and it is so good of all of you too...One to frame!! I am so glad that you got to go and made it fine. Julie got about 6 inches of snow in Illinois yesterday!! WOW there is a lot of snow this year!!
Congrats on the award too as always you do deserve it..


Mary said...

Congratulations on the beautiful award that Anni presented to all of us. It is beautiful and you are very deserving, as are the rest of the group.

I LOVE the photo of all of you in the stable. I would have loved to have been there. Be sure to give Sarah my congratulations.

The Thomas Kincaid book for your granddaugher sounds wonderful. I gave my daugher one a few years ago. I should ask for it back so I can update it. I keep journals for the boys.

Take care, my friend. I am so glad you had a good time and arrived home safely. Snow isn't so bad to drive in - it's ice I hate.

Love and blessings,

Regina said...

Congrats on your award, you truly are a treasure! And so deserving of that and much more!
What a nice picture. I'm sure a great time was had by all! And I know she will cherish the book you gave her. Priceless!

Nan said...

Congrats on the award. You deserve it. So nice of you to do the memory book for Sarah. That's a nice picture of all of you.
Our computer modem went out yesterday and my husband just got it replaced a while ago. I was going nuts w/o my e mail and blogging. In the mean time we also got a bunch of snow that had to be plowed.
Hope you had a good day.

Melli said...

LOL! When I read you were all in the stable, I wondered who was going to be laying in the manger! But I see it was NOT a Nativity shot! hehehe...

I know Sarah will treasure that keepsake! What a wonderful idea!!!

Karen H. said...

Good Evening Grams,
I'm just now getting to play catch up with everyone. It has been a very busy weekend here. I didn't do any posting over the weekend. Hopefully I will get to tomorrow. I'm glad yall got to go Sarah's party and that yall had a great time. The picture of you all is just beautiful. "CONGRATULATIONS" on your new Award. You truly are deserving of it. Anni presented me with it also. We didn't get any snow here Saturday, just a very cold rain and it got foggy late yesterday afternoon. That is so sweet that you made the Scrapbook for Sarah. I know she is going to enjoy it and treasure it. Well, take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Denise said...

Come by my blog, you have another award. I love you.

bj said...

so glad you came by today. this christmas open house has been really fun today.
congrats on your is a pretty one!