Thursday, December 13, 2007

Valerie and Sarah and snow on the way!

Mary at Mary's Writing Nook gave me this award!! Thanks Mary! I'll try to get this passed out before Christmas!!

Karen brought Valerie my great grand daughter down to my house tonight! She liked my Christmas tree and stood by it and Kelly and Valerie looked at all the decorations and Kelly told what a lot of them were! She loves the lights! It was so cute!! She had a little purse with a nickle in it and we found some more change to put into it before she left. Karen had bought her a Happy Meal with Chicken Nuggets and she had a big time breaking off little pieces for the cat!!

I ask her how her little brother Kevin who she calls Buddy was doing and she put her hands over eyes and starting counting 12345678910 here I come! She is two!! We thought this was really cute! He likes to play Peek A Boo! He is getting so big and will be 6 months old before Christmas!! We will take pictures when we are together at Christmas time and I will post them!
I have on the TV news and by tomorrow afternoon another big storm is on the way but this time it is snow! Snow is much better then Ice!!
This is the BIG weekend we have been looking forward to for months! My grand daughter Sarah gets her degree in elementary education !! Sarah if you are reading this Grams is so very proud of you for sticking with it at college and getting your degree!!
We are praying she gets a school in our home town or near by!! She has been student teaching all fall and doing a good job!
Next week I will post pictures of all this!!


Marsha said...

You don't look old enough to have a great granddaughter or a granddaughter graduating from college!
My oldest granddaughter is going to be 6 in January and her name is Sarah - love the name, don't you! Her mommy (my daughter) and daddy and 2 little sisters live in Kenya out in the remote bush country as missionaries.
You are so blessed to be able to see yours more often!
Bundle up and stay warm. May this next storm be gentle.

Hope said...

Hi Gram,
Sounds like you enjoyed little Valerie. Kids can sure put a smile on your face, can't they?
CONGRATS to Sarah. That was a big accomplishment and I know you are very proud of her.
Off to bed with me now. See you tomorrow!

Denise said...

Congrats to dear Sarah. Valerie sounds so very precious. I love you dear.

Sandi said...

Family makes life so enjoyable. From the smallest to the oldest God blesses us thought each other.

Melli said...

Awwww! Valerie is such a little doll baby! Aren't grands just the BEST??? Enjoy them Gram! ENJOY! ENJOY!!!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Grams,
"CONGRATULATIONS" on your Award from Mary. Mary is truly a wonderful and sweet person. You deserve each and every award you receive as well. Your Great Grand-Daughter sounds so precious. They are so comical at that age aren't they? I remember when mine were that small. Never a dull moment that's for sure. My youngest daughter who is 9 is still comical. I guess she just has it in her. "CONGRATULATIONS" on your Grand-Daughter on her Graduation from College this weekend. I know you are so very proud of her. I do hope she can get a teaching job there close. I do hope you just get snow. I think we will just see mostly rain here with an occasional snowflake mixed in here and there. If you get snow, I hope you will show us some pictures. I love looking at pictures with snow in them. They are so beautiful. Well, take care my friend and have a great Friday. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Grams,Thanks for your visit today..Being around family means more and more to us every year..You are so blessed to have a great family who show love to you ...I would like to have some snow, but it would be almost impossible. Enjoy your week-end. Hugs, baba

bj said...

Hi, many thanks for you stopping by to look at our sleep over. This nice lady I blogged about and I started school together in 2nd grade, went all thru school together, graduated together in 1956, live about 2 miles apart now and visit all the time together. We have another friend that moved to our hometown when we were in high school and she lives here, too. It is so nice to get together with them often.The names all sound so nice...Mary, Martha and then we have to throw in bj!! Ha...
I don't have g-gkids as yet but the oldest g-daughter has been married a couple of yrs so I am expecting it just any time! Oh, my...what an honor God would bestow on me if HE allowed me to become a Great Grandmother!!
hugs, bj

PEA said...

Good afternoon dear Carolyn:-)

I received the Christmas card from Nancy today and I was so thrilled to see that she had signed it herself...please thank her so much for me:-) Love all the stickers she added! hehe

Congratulations on the award, dear friend, very much deserved! I just love Mary also, such a beautiful soul she has.

Little Valerie sounds adorable and I'm so looking forward to seeing pictures. Congratulations to Sarah, what an achievement and you have every reason to be proud of her:-) xoxo

Mary said...


What a wonderful post. You little guy is the same age as my great-nephew. I'm sure he is a darling and Valerie must think so too.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Christmas 12. I look forward to reading yours.


Melanie said...

Aren't kids fun!!

Congrats to Sarah on her graduation! I have my degree in elementary education too!

I don't feel bad at all that you didn't do the Christmas Hoopla. Don't be so silly with all of your apololgizing! When I came over to tag you I remembered you had just done that other meme. How nice of you to find a replacement though and having Kelly do it. You are just too sweet!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sure Valerie brings you an abundance of joy every time she comes over. Congratulations to your grand daughter, Sarah.

Cindy said...

Just stopping by to say hi. Hope you don't get hit too hard by the storm. We're supposed to get it, too. Went to WalMart real early this AM to stock up just in case. Stay warm!

Nan said...

I bet your gggrandaughter is precious. Our friends have two 1 year old grandsons. The one little guy gets so tickled at those musical greeting cards......opening and giggling.....closing and opening and giggling..........
Congrats to Sarah on her degree!
5-10 inches of snow expected here today. Staying in and warm!