Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Ice storm on the way!

My friend Mary gave us all this adorable snowmen button!! Thank You!!

Karen just left my house and Kelly was going to go out to Wal-Mart with her but when she went outdoors it was already raining and freezing!! Karen said it is starting to get slick! We are suppose to get a worse ice storm then we did over the weekend. It is 29 right now!! If I am not on here tomorrow it is because the power is out! In our area 5 years ago we had a terrible ice storm one of the worst in the history of Kansas City! It ruined many fine old trees that had been here for many many years! It made a mess out of my maple tree and it is just starting to look better. My pin oak withstood the ice better because it is younger. We were without power for three days and it was so cold!! What they are having in Oklahoma it is like what we had 5 years ago!! Please pray that we won't lose power. I have enough back up oxygen's tanks for Nancy for a few days and I have a lot of the little portable ones too!! We have food and meds so we are okay!! Just very cold!! Last time I wore a stocking hat, gloves and layers of clothes, and a coat!!


It is almost 2:30 and we still have power!! Praise God! It is a real mess outside and it is still raining and maybe a little sleet mixed in with it. There are a lot of outages over in the city and I heard up in St Joesph and their area there are thousands without power. Thank you for your prayers. It has stayed around 31 degrees and this is good.


Regina said...

Wow, I pray that things workout for you. I sure don't envy you that ice storm. We are just cold and snowy here and I am glad for that right now.


Mel's Mom said...

BRRR Sounds very "wintery" there! I keep coming by to read, but haven't had much time to say, "hi." So, "hi" and thanks for being my friend!!

Denise said...

I am praying for you my friend. Please stay warm, and safe.

Sandi said...

Stay warm and stay indoors. I'll be praying for you.

Julie said...

your weather sounds like ours. All our schools are closed and it is suppose to get worse as the day goes.Just hope we have power all day.

Nan said...

We're lucky that the ice is missing us. It's in the northern part of the state. It's rainy and foggy here today and going to get to 53 degrees. The pretty snow has melted.
Have a good day!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Grams,
Oh my, Prayers are definetly going out for you all. I just posted about the ICE Storm a little bit ago. I pray that yall don't lose power and can stay warm. I'm glad yall have enough of supplies to last a few days. DON'T GET OUT, UNLESS IT IS AN EXTREME EMERGENCY. My hubby will be heading up into Missouri later today. Keep him in your prayers as well. He is going to Meta, MO. I am just worried sick about him. Well, take care my friend and have great and WARM Tuesday. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

YUP!! I remember those awful storms. I am so so glad that we do not have to endure those horrible things anymore!! There is something to be said about living in the South!! I so hope that you keep your electricity. i remember times when I had almost all of my clothes on that I had and trying to stay warm was the theme of the day!! Sandy

Hootin' Anni said...

Hope you ALL stay warm and be well. And if the power does go off that it's quickly restored. Hope you have a way to contact someone if need be.....

You have me worried.

Please, please be safe and warm. Giant hugs.

bj said...

I am praying for all of you!
Brrrr, it sounds so cold.
Pls. stay warm and safe,

Linda said...

I saw all the ice on GMA this morning. Hope you are warm and safe!!

Linda A. said...

Hi Carolyn! Hope you are having fun at your house! I finally got my "snow day"! My students all said they were going to wear their pajamas inside out and backwards -- apparently that always gets you a "snow day"!

I swore I would grade papers and work on my Christmas cards if I got a "snow day". Neither of those things have happened yet. I did just finish watching a great movie on TV though!

I am praying we keep power but I would really like another "snow day" tomorrow. I'm suppose to be observed by my principal tomorrow and I'd really like to miss that until AFTER Christmas Break! Hee Hee!

By the way, tell Nancy I got your Christmas card at school and it is on my desk! It is SO pretty! I love the glitter on the trees and the little red bird. My mom always sent Christmas cards with a red bird somewhere on it. It made me smile when I got it. I DO have a card for you all -- just haven't done them yet!

Love ya heeps - Your favorite - Linda A.

Glo said...

We pray it's not as bad as 2002. You take care and stay warm. Mike went to work last night in Excelisor Springs and made it back home by 7:40 this morning(TUES), just 10 mins off his regular time.I been awake since 2 am.We had a lot of limbs fall a round us and I heard them all. He did take me to the store before he went to bed.....I know I shouldn't have gone out...but I need the stink blowed off.heehee. I'm feeling much better today. Just tired. Take care my friend.
Love and {{Hugs}}

Hope said...

Hi Gram,
I'm praying that everything is okay with you and your family.

Love Bears All Things said...

Its Tuesday and I am checking to see if all is well with you. I will check a little later today.
Mama Bear

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Grams,
"PRAISE GOD" yall still have electricity. I seen where Entergy is sending several trucks to help those that are without power. I've heard thousands are without power and it may be weeks before all power is restored. I'm glad it's warmed up a bit. It is finally 72 degrees here as I'm typing this. We have finally made it out of the 40's. Well, take care my friend and May God Bless You and Yours. I seen on the Weather Channel last night and this morning that Mike Sidel was in Kansas City live broadcasting. It looked ugly up there.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.
P.S. Stay inside and stay warm. Thanks for the update.

Barbara H. said...

Glad you still have power so far -- hope and pray it stays on!!!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Melanie said...

Since you haven't posted yet today I hope that doesn't mean you lost power. I have been praying for you that your power stays on and this ice ends soon.

Our Happy Happenings

Mary said...


I know what you mean. We are to get a big ice storm here and then snow on top of it. It would be better if the snow came first because then you break through when walking or driving. The ice underneath snow only makes it more slick.

I will definitely continue to pray that your power stays on.

Blessings and love,