Friday, December 28, 2007

Chistmas Photos

Our Christmas Tree

This is my great grand daughter Valerie and she received a box full of dress up clothes from Kelly. One of the outfits was a fairy princess!! Only Valerie called her wings, angel wings!!

Valerie reaching for the Muddy Buddies and putting frosting from the cookies in the middle of them in her brand new Christmas dress!!

This is over at Gramps house on Christmas Eve. Becky Nancy Jake and Bill!

We love this picture of Valerie giving baby Kevin a big kiss!! We love that she takes his arms and holds them down so he won't pull her hair!!!

Grams and Valerie looking at the manger scene on Christmas Eve

Grams and baby Kevin on Christmas Eve

One of my favorite ornaments! I love cardinals!

My Granddaughter, Sarah, with one of her gifts on Christmas Day

My son, Bill, and daughter, Kelly

This is a few of our pictures of our Christmas this year! I have tons more but this is a few that I posted!!

Thanks to all of you for your E-mails and Christmas cards to our family!! Thanks to all the bloggers who sent Nancy Christmas stickers!! Pea from Pea's Corners sent her a box of them! We now have stickers on her insulin box, the meter we read her blood sugars and her blood sugar log book!! :) It was so thoughtful of all of you to think of her!! She loved them!!


Julie said...

Loved your pictures. Looks like you had a very merry Christmas with all your family.

Karen H. said...

Good Evening Grams,
Oh what a beautiful Family you have there. I am so glad yall had a wonderful Christmas. I love the picture of Valerie in her Christmas dress at the kitchen table. I hope she didn't get the dress dirty. LOL. And the picture where Valerie is holding Kevin down, is just priceless. "THANK YOU" for sharing your beautiful Family with us Grams. I so enjoyed it. It is very touching. I'm glad Nancy loved all of the stickers Pea sent her. That Pea is such a sweetheart. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

It is already past Christmas. I have been so slow in reading blogs lately. Sorry!! Sounds like you had a great Christmas!! We did too!! Now the NEW YEAR is almost here!! Wow!! 2008...I just cannot get over these years!! It just seem like we should be in some sci-fi something!! I guess i just never thought i would live to see these 2000 years!! Smile.


Melli said...

For some reason I am not seeing MANY of these pictures! I see the description of them... but not the pics. I see the one of the tree, and the one of Sarah with Scene It, and the one of Bill & Kelly. That's all I see. *pout* Sounds like you guys had a fabulous Christmas Grams!

Hope said...

Hi Gram,

Ditto Melli. I'm seeing the same 3pics she is. Sounds like ya'll had a nice Christmas together though! I'll try back tomorrow and see if I can see the pics then.

Thanks for stopping by today. Glad you enjoyed your tour and the corn crib. That use to be my favorite place to play when I was a kid, rolling and jumping around in the hard corn. I was suppose to be shelling the corn for the hogs! :) I guess it was equivalent to those big things of balls the kids jump in today!! lol


Hootin' Anni said... I missing something? I'm not sure if the photos are supposed to be with the descriptions?!!!

Love the family photos.
Love the beautiful tree!!!!

Happy Saturday Grams!

Melanie said...

I couldn't see most of the pictures :( but I did enjoy the ones I could see.