Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Kevin in the Doll House!

Hello, on this fine Friday! It is 81 degrees in this part of Missouri today and not very fall like at all. I think by next week the temperature is suppose to get back down in the sixty's and that sounds much better!

I have a couple of awards below to pass out today.

This cute award is from my friend Mary over at Mary's Writing Nook Thanks Mary for a cute award! Please feel free fo take this adorable award.

This too is from my friend Mary at Mary's Writing Nook! Best Friends Forever Award. Let me tell you Mary has indeed been a wonderful friend to me these past few weeks. I was so upset for a day or two when finding out about our medical needs. Mary wrote me two or three times daily with such encouraging words that were so helpful! Thanks Mary!!!
If you are on my blog roll please take this for your side bar!

I found the file with darling little Kevin's picture. He is 14 months old and loves to follow his big sister Valerie around every where she goes.He loves her dolly house as much as she does! He likes to sit in it, too!

This is Kevin sitting in the dolly House playing! Grandpa and Grandma down in Mexico not to worry he loves playing with boy stuff, too!!!
He loves airplanes and cars and trucks. Kevin's little brother Marcello will soon be 4 months old. Marcello is as cute as button! I think this will be something when he gets a little bigger with two little boys a year apart playing and running around chasing each other! Jeremy and Sofia are blessed for sure!


Mary said...


Playing catch-up today. I've been kind of busy writing.

I'm glad you enjoyed receiving the awards and that you've passed them on. Yes, indeed. We are BFF.

Love the photos of the dolly house and Kevin. Young boys like playing with everything. When Brandon was a toddler, he wanted to play with my porcelain dolls. Now he would be mortified if it was even suggested.

Take care, my friend. We are having nice weather, but that is to change next week. We are to get rain and cooler temperatures - like fall.

Blessings for a great weekend.

Linda said...

Kevin is so cute!! Not to worry about his interest in the doll house. My granddaughter Caison only played with cars, trucks and trains until she was almost 3. This was because of her two older brothers. Then out of the blue she started waning "girly" stuff, as she put it. She still plays with the boys toys, but prefers her girly stuff now.

Congratulations with your award and thanks for passing along the adorable pumpkins.

mommaof3 said...

aww kevin is adorable. he reminds me of my 18month old

Renie Burghardt said...


Congratulations on the beautiful awards! They are nice indeed.

We have been in the mid 80s in the Ozarks. A little too warm, but cooler weather is on the way next week.

Little Kevin is adorable! And yes, he will have lots of fun with his little brother, once the little brother is older. The doll house your grandson made for Valerie is beautiful!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Kathy said...

Kevin is adorable and he fits right in the doll house - how cute!

Love your new awards - you deserve them.

Denise said...

Great awards...... I am so behind on my awards, but not to worry...... Loved the pics of the boys...... I raised two little boys and it was such a wonderful wonderful experience..... Little boys just do things that little girls never even think of.......... LIKE standing across the room in the bathroom and seeing which one could pee and hit the toilet paper!!!!!!!! I threw away a LOT of rolls of TP!

I so enjoyed your pictures !!!!

Have a blessed weekend...........

Lazy Daisy said...

Oh how cute. I love the picture of boys playing with the doll houses. I think it helps make them good daddies. We are having a great time hugging and kissing on our new grand.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

How are you and Nancy doing? I have been praying for you...

Sandi said...

Kevin is a cutie. Kevin is just having a good time with his sister till his brother can play with him

Hootin' Anni said...

That is so adorable with him sitting in the doll house!!! Kids...aren't they just too super for words?!!!

Happy Sunday dear Carolyn.

Love Bears All Things said...

I didn't realize the doll house was so big.
Recently, I loaned my car to my daugher. When I went to pick it up, she was at work and SIL was out in his garage. I went in to see the children. When I found them the princess was in an old file cabinet with long drawers. She was in the bottom one. As I was leaving Wonder Boy was going to get into the other drawer. They had emptied them of all their contents. I told them I didn't think it would be a good idea for both of them to get inside(I didn't think it was a good idea for one to get in, but kept that opinion to myself). I said, they might not be able to get out and no one would know since Daddy was outside. If one of those drawers is slightly open the other one won't open at all. Plus they could have tilted it. Wonder boy has always liked to get into small places and it was cute when he was small but he is 10 now.
Mama Bear

Melanie said...

Kevin is just adorable!

And that doll house is amazing! Hailey would love that.