Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Day After Nancy's Birthday and the Rockin' Girls Award!

Whew! Nancy had a very nice Birthday! We had friends come by in the afternoon and she loved seeing everybody and Her Gifts!! She got SO many cards in the mail that we ran out of a place to set them on. NO kidding! Nancy Rocks for sure!

She loved her presents the family got her, but she was so tired out by the time she opened them she didn't have much to say! Through the years we have learned not to expect a warm and fuzzy response from her. We just love her and give her our love and gifts no matter how she responds to us. Later at 10:00 pm, she got up from resting and started putting on her new clothes and seeing all her gifts and was bouncing off the walls! That how it goes! and if she never responds like we would like, we just keep on keeping ON and loving her, Praise God! Several years ago Karen gave her a TV for her room and she said, "OH",and that is pretty much all she said! Last year Karen gave her a new TV and I got her a DVD player and she Loved it, so we never know! If you are new to my blog you can look at the side column and see lupus, "Nancy's story about lupus" and it will fill you in.

How about the awards yesterday! Thanks again Melli, I have found a whole bunch of new friends this way. I love that!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

You are going to love this blogging community. Sometimes I wonder how I ever got along without it in my life. Sandy

Melli said...

I'm so glad Nancy had a great birthday! My Derek is very undemonstrative - for a normal kid! We never get a response out of him! We're LUCKY if we get a very quiet thank you. So you can imagine how EXCITED I was the year we got him a skate rail (when he was into skateboarding) -- he actually jumped up and HUGGED me! That's the last time he ever did! About 5 years ago now! He enjoys his stuff - but he doesn't "know how" to express himself... it's really sad.