Sunday, June 17, 2007


Carrie called me last night from Guadalajara ,Mexico where she and her husband, Aaron are missionary's . Their son, Brandon and his wife Ale' serve with them. Younger son John has jumped in and is helping out with the Children's work. John is 20.

One of their supporter paid for us, to have 500 minutes to talk to each other! Wow, and double wow, do we love this, we both love talking to each other SO much ! This is as good as it gets when you can't be together! I called her back and it didn't cost her anything! We talked and talked! She said , John and Brandon and their friends had been out to the poorer parts of the City and have Sunday School on Saturday afternoons for the kids. This week 98 kids showed up!The kids love to sing, so they teach them new songs each week and tell them Bible stories and sometime do pantomime for them. Yesterday, my grandsons had made hearts, sprinkled glitter on them and passed them out to give out to each child to take home to give to their Dad's for Father's Day! I thought this was pretty special. That the grandsons made the hearts and the kids had something to give for Fathers Day. Brandon is already a Dad and he is a good one !Their only child is my great-grandson Mathias who is as cute as he can be! Well, I think so anyway! He was 6 in April.

I had a phone call from Karen and Kelly and they are having a great time! It was HOT, but they are ignoring that and having a good time. They didn't find any diamonds but they heard that someone did!


Joan said...

What a wonderful gift -- free phone calls! I have always wanted to visit Guadalajara. BTW, my grandchildren call me "gram".

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Thanks for stopping by and praying for my friend Betty. She is being transferred to hospice tomorrow here in Savannah. I am only hoping that she will be more comfortable there until her time comes. I do not think it will be much longer!! Sandy