Saturday, June 30, 2007

Almost Sunday

I share this computer with Kelly. In fact this is Kelly's computer. She does part-time work on it. So, between her work and her MySpace page,she is on it a lot. All was going great until Grams became a Blogger for real! Now trying to get this computer is just a little harder.I know she needs it to do her work and she has tons of friends over on her MySpace! I was good and I didn't complain! Well,a tiny little bit but not much! Isn't it hard sometimes! When we should we counting our blessing instead of complaining. I better get back on the subject or I will digress again on writing this blog.I have a horrible time with that.

When Karen found out it was getting hard for both of us she said "Mom, I have another computer over at my house that I am not using. Would you like me to bring it over and hook it up, so, both of you can be on line at the same time"! I said, Yes! That really sounds like a wonderful idea!
I thought she meant next week or longer but,low and behold, when Kelly and I got home from "Wally's World" here she came with her MAC and they worked on getting it going for quite a while. It turned out the cable cord was to short so we are still sharing the same computer! One of these days they will get a longer cord.

Karen works for a company and designs Websites and ecards for their retirement services. She works from home sometimes. That is why she had a extra computer! I really think we our going to love having two computers. I can remember when we didn't have any computers! We are Blessed for sure! But more then just having computers! Having a family that wants to bless their Mom is even better!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Yes you are blessed to have someone there to help you. BUT it is good if you learn while your daughter shows you too. I try to learn everyday everything that I can learn. You have her right there to teach you so learn all that you can!! You are so fortunate to have her to teach you!! How special. Have a great Sunday...Sandy

Melli said...

Blessed indeed! Our sermon today was on citizenship, and where do we REALLY want to live... but in the round about way of getting there, the visiting pastor took us through all the 3rd world nations and showed us HOW blessed we are to even have food to eat, much less our big fancy houses and multiple computers, televisions, etc... etc... etc... Okay! He got to me! I'm ready to give away everything I've got! LOL!