Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday night

I just wrote a blog and lost it when I previewed it! I bet I didn't hit the save now button! My family gave me a little bit of a hard time over cut and paste! I have always said, "I can't do this." But, I wanted to be able to go and visit other bloggers and leave a comment. I wanted to be able to leave my little Grams icon, so I learned how to cut and paste in one evening!

OK, enough about that! We took a lunch out to Caraway Lake, north of town, and of course Nancy saw a snake swimming in the lake! I told her at least it wasn't on the ground! She has talked about this the rest of the day. We did see a beautiful yellow oriole flying to a fence post.

Nancy will be 45 on June 25th and this is all she has on her mind! She usually starts talking about this after Valentine's Day, but this year she did better and it was after Easter! When anyone phones us she always tells them,"My Birthday is coming up!" We have 5 specialist we see and she tells them all, each time about her Birthday! We are use to her but this can be a little hard the first time we go to a new doctor. Most of the time, they handled it ok. Well, her psychiatrist does anyway!! Just in case you haven't read my earlier blog, Nancy is my special needs daughter, who also has lupus.

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It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

What happened to Nancy? Has she always been a special needs child from the beginning? I hope you will not mind me asking...Sandy