Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wednesday Afternoon

Well, now I am thinking what have I got myself into!! I just love reading everybody's blogs but, will I be able to have enough thoughts to even write down anything any one would want to read!!

I have been reading a bunch of blogs this past winter while staying indoors so much with my special needs daughter who will be 45 on June 25th. Nancy was diagnosed with Lupus in 2003. She worked for almost 19 years at the sheltered work shop.

Nancy had 6 months of chemo in 2005 and we had a wonderful chemo nurse who was so good with special needs people. She still calls and checks up on Nancy from time to time and we visit her when we go to that hospital. Since last Oct. we have been in another round of chemo over at KU Med Center. KU is about an hour from our house so we have a drive on chemo days, but now we are in follow up. I have a link to lupus on this blog because I didn't know anything about this horrible disease when Nancy came down with it.

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Sillie Lizzie said...

Welcome to Blogdom, Grams! Congratulations, and happy blogging. Thanks for your support and deeply appreciated encouragement on my blog as well.

Sorry to hear about your daughter's lupus. I will keep the both of you in my prayers for healing and strength to endure.

Take care and God bless,
Sillie Lizzie