Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Afternon

Sunday, and Karen was the only one who went to church today! It has really been hard for us ever since Nancy got so sick.

Nancy woke up early this morning with the first flash of lighting and the ka-booming of thunder rattling the house! She thinks her oxygen concentrator will blow up and she gets so scared and wants it turned off right then!! All of her Doctors and the nurses have talked to her. Telling her it is safe to run it but to no avail. So off goes the oxygen until things calm down. This isn't as hard now, since she only needs oxygen at night and every once in while in the day time. For a couple of years she needed it 24/7 and then it really was hard when it stormed!!

This is the week that my Grandkids, Jeremy and Sophie are due to have the new baby boy!! When this happens I will post the pictures! Sophie and Jeremy have one daughter Valerie, who will be two years old on August 15th. There are pictures of her on here!! Of course we think she is so cute! We are praying all goes well for her and the baby because they lost their first baby boy who was born and lived about an hour and then went home to Jesus. His little lungs had not developed as they needed to be . The name for this is called Potter disease, I really don't know much about this subject. I would appreciate any one reading this to pray for a safe delivery for Sophie and the baby!


Melanie said...

I will pray for Sophie and the baby! I have added them to my prayer list.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Thanks for reading my blog!! I did not know you had been stopping by and reading my "poor excuse" for a blog especially lately!! We have been on the road and are now at home once again in Savannah! It is HOT here and without A/C tonight it should be a LOT of fun. We got our motorhome all cleaned out and that was fun too in the heat!! I will put you in my favorites and come visit you now..thanks again for making yourself known. Sandy