Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday and the Girls are back but no diamonds!

No diamonds were dug up but that didn't detour Karen and Kelly from having a good time! I told Kelly to give me a quick call once they got to camp and she tried twice but it didn't go through. At 1:30 a .m. I thought, I sure do hope they have arrived safely! So being the Mom that I am I called her, that was a very bad idea! There were about 20 tents in a large circle and everything was QUIET! Kelly said you could hear a pin drop, if any one had been dropping pins! So when Kelly's phone rang, (she had forgotten to turn it off) you could hear it in ALL 20 tents!! and Yes, she says it woke everybody up for a couple of minutes! But with all that digging in the mud, people were so exhausted that they went back to sleep! We hope!

It had rained a lot on Saturday so the fields were really muddy! Their friends had put up the a tent for them already, but the mattress that Karen was suppose to sleep on was not blown up. It would have made too much noise at that late hour to take care of this, so she had to sleep on a thin little mattress and Kelly slept on the ground! Kelly is 28 and Karen is older! Well, at least that's the reason she gave for taking the exercise mat from Kelly!

...but I think 40 is still young! Guess that's a matter of perspective!

On the way home they stopped at a Holiday Inn Express in Eureka Springs, AR. They went on a driving tour this morning before heading out. Kelly hadn't ever been there before. They took in all of the old victorian houses, the location of the Passion Play, the Christ of the Ozarks, all of the mineral springs (boy were there a lot of those), and a couple of cute shops.

Can they pack in a week's vacation into two days or what?

Kelly has some good pictures. She had to be at work at 5:00 this evening so when she isn't so tired she will post some of the pictures and they will show all the mud in the fields and the mud on them! Which is what they found a lot of -- good 'ole Arkansas MUD ... Hot showers were in order first thing! A good night's sleep didn't hurt either!

Tomorrow is our day to go to KU Med Center for Nancy's follow up for her Chemo. She doesn't have a fasting blood sugar tomorrow so this is good. She doesn't like that much!

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YellowRose said...

Sounds like they had a good time!! I love diamonds, though I don't want to hunt for them!! I prefer them in the form of rings, necklaces and earrings! hee hee

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! It so nice to make a new friend!! I look forward to visiting you again!!