Friday, June 15, 2007

Fridays News

My girls are NUTS! They are sitting here planning their whirlwind trip to hunt for diamonds in Arkansas. They spend way too much time watching the travel channel and HGTV, so you never know what they are going to end up doing next.

You can check out the state park here:

They aren't leaving until Saturday afternoon.They will drive 8 hours to CAMP in the heat and rain. They'll dig around in the dirt/mud and then they are coming back Monday morning.

And they have grandiose ideas of finding THE BIG ONE and paying off debt!! Well I guess anything is possible!!

It won't be to hard for Nancy and me because my Granddaughter Sarah has moved up here from her college town of Springfield Mo. Sarah 's other Grandma has fixed a room up for her and she will be staying there while she is student teaching this fall. It is great having her so close by!She has already called me to assure me that anything we would need while, the girls are gone, on their treasure hunt, she is there for us! She thinks her Aunts are nuts, too!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Sometimes it is fun to be nuts you know. I have to go back to the hospital this morning. My friend is there and not doing well at all. She is in the last stages of cancer. They will have tests come back this morning and I am betting that she has a brain tumor this time. She can hardly speak now. She is only 51. If you can think to pray for Betty. I knew this was coming but still am not ready for it. Sandy

Anonymous said...

Haha.I don't think my aunts are nuts (most of the time)! I think it sounds like a blast!!!!!! IF they don't find anything at least they can have fun and make memories.I am always here for you Grams!!!! I love that you have your OWN blog. It ROCKS! I LOVE you GRAMS!!!!!!!!!!