Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Evening

I wish I knew more about computers!! Karen went to cyber-world and found the cutest icon of a little Grandma lady that I love, but I have no idea how to make it appear on someones blog if I leave a comment! I am sure one of my girls will figure this out.


Karen, can you place my image here?

OK mom... here you go....
(promise me that this is the last update of the day?!?!) -Karen

I have had some nice comments from visitors to my blog spots. It was exciting to read comments from the people who I have been visiting and enjoying reading all about their families and what they are up too! I am thinking about Flip Flop Floozie and how hot it will be in Georgia tonight! Whew!

I worked all afternoon on my missionary daughter's stuff sending out Thank you letters and receipts for all their contributors! I did this in the computer room on the old computer. Kelly's new computer is in the living room and it is so nice and I love using it! Nancy got up late this morning and she missed watching "The Bernstein Bear" she loves watching them every day!

I usually watch them with her and she likes that. She came in the computer room and laid down for a while and listened to the music I had on the computer.

Yea! I guess I jumped the gun on the girls getting my icon going Karen had gone out and figured it out and I just had a lesson in Copy and paste and now I hope that I can do this!

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