Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday morning

It was one of those nights... This time it was Kelly's dog Molly that kept me up instead of Nancy!!Nancy has her good and bad nights,and I am always hopeful for a good one! Kelly let Molly out before she went to bed at midnight so I thought we were home free. Not to be! Grrrrrr!I had just drifted off when I heard her whining and carrying on so I got up and let her out. Of course she would not come back in, I washed the supper dishes, isn't always easy to do this but if I drag a kitchen chair over to the sink, then I am good to go !! I am kinda crippled up and will blog on that on another day. Well, finally I was able to get her in but not before I woke Nancy up!She was really tired and sleepy so she went right back to sleep and didn't stay up for the rest of the night!


Jackie Richard said...

This is great Carolyn. I haven't been on too many blogs. I did go out to one of Mary Lee's daughter's blog that she has, but no others. It is amasing for a women that hardly gets out of the house, let along out of town what you get yourself into. I'll be coming back to here on a regular basis.

Jackie Richard said...

This is great,Carolyn. I haven't looked at many blogs. Mary Lee's daughter, JoDee has one I look at from time to time. I'll be looking in on you on a regular basis from now on. For a woman who doesn't get out of the house or out of town much, you sure are a wonder.

john said...

hey abuelita te amo i love you i miss you so much ana and me love you your the best i like your blog your so cool and sweet and amazing
we love you