Saturday, June 9, 2007

Saturday Afternoon after a Day Trip!

Karen took the day off yesterday and said, Let's have a Day trip today! We are not always able to go very far afield. Karen came up with the idea of going for little trips not far home. To go very far we have to take two wheelchairs and all of Nancy's oxygen stuff. Nancy and I both have to check our blood sugars and take insulin. Trust me this gets to be something else if we don't plan everything out!!

So that is the reason behind the Day trips. I will blog about our trip down to Arrow Rock and to the Capitol of Missouri at Jefferson City this winter! I want to put pictures of all of us enjoying the day on here. I have no idea how to go out to snap shot, get them and put them on here!! Kelly isn't home,she is mowing the studio lawn and she can do this in a heartbeat and so can Karen.

Yesterday, we took off and went over to Napoleon which isn't to far from home. I had never been on their main street and we went by the only building still in use and looks real new and it is their bank. We went right by Waterloo and then drove into Wellington and let Sarah,my 22 year old grand-daughter see what it is all about!! They have a big fair once a year, that is a big deal! I know! I know!! Napoleon, Wellington, and Waterloo!! Napolean met his Waterloo at Wellington...Years ago it was in Rippley's Belive it or Not.

When we left, we could see where the Missouri River had left its banks a few weeks ago and flooded the area. On down to Lexington and driving by all the ante-bellum homes and the courthouse with the cannon ball still lodged in one of the columns. Karen took a picture of a "57" or "58" car that we have to put on here!!

Any one know what kind of car this is?

Then we went across the Missouri River to Richmond. I lived over there for almost two years in part of 53 and 54.We drove by the house we lived in on Thornton Street,and on over to Orrick, Mo I had not been over there in 50 years and we turned around and came home!! We had a lot of fun doing this,and it gets Nancy and me out and about!!


Jane said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. You are going to love blogging. The people you meet will quickly become your friends.
Thanks for commenting on my blog, I look forward to hearing from you again and to reading your blog too!

LadyBugCrossing said...

Hi Grams!
Welcome to the blog world!! I'm thrilled that you read me - thanks! :-)
I'll be back to visit and see what you are up to... Stay out of trouble - well, big trouble... little trouble's good for you.